Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in it, and it will come naturally. ~David Frost

By early 2014 I had climbed the "corporate ladder" quite high and held a position as an executive director of a well known nonprofit in Nashville, TN. I had worked so hard to get there...countless sacrifices were made by me, as well as my family to get to that point. The problem was...I was stressed out, burned out and I rarely saw my family...I spent 10-12hr days at work trying to be "successful" at my job...I was miserable and not "succeeding" in life. I had had enough, so I put in my 30 day notice and walked away after 11 years of blood, sweat and tears. How crazy was that? Pretty crazy according to my mother and other professionals I worked with, but NOT to my family or to me!

It took me a good year of some soul searching, but ultimately I came back to my first REAL passion in life...ART! Today, I LOVE what I do and and enjoy being creative and using my talents and skills to create and provide artwork for people. I have always been creative and enjoyed creating things, so getting to do this full time is beyond awesome! Most importantly, I truly get to see my kids and be involved in their lives every day, and for that I wouldn't trade anything.

I take great pride in each piece I create and as my Dad has always said, "If something is worth doing, it's worth doing right"...wise words from a fellow perfectionist! I hate cutting corners or offering someone less than quality work. I believe the pieces of art you purchase from me provide a small slice of happiness in your life and I believe in providing you with a positive experience from start to finish!

Lastly, ALL items on this site are custom made by me. None of my artwork pieces are mass produced, so each one is slightly unique!

Thanks for checking out my site and happy shopping!
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